Arlen Specter Whines That Democrats Screwed Him After Party Switch

The Hill has obtained an advance copy of former Senator Arlen Specter’s upcoming book “Life Among the Cannibals,” and reveals that Specter does a lot of whining about being sold out by top Democrats after defecting from the Republican Party in 2009.

When you lie down with raging scumbags you wake up full of burning pus-filled sores, Arlen.

Crybaby Specter’s main gripe seems to be that Harry Reid broke an agreement to let Specter keep his Senate seniority after the switch.  A betrayal that’s kind of like running in a Republican primary, winning, getting elected as a member of one party, and then switching to another party, I guess.  But different.

Specter laments that Obama and Vice President Joe Biden did not do more to help him in the final days of his primary race against former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), who beat him 54 percent to 46 percent in the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary.

Specter writes that Obama turned down a request to campaign with him in the final days of the primary because the president’s advisors feared he would look weak if he intervened and Specter lost.


The snub was made all the more painful by Obama flying over Philadelphia en route to New York City a few days before the election and then on primary day jetting over Pittsburgh to visit a factory in Youngstown, Ohio, twenty-two miles from the Pennsylvania border, to promote the 2009 economic stimulus law. The painful irony for Specter is that his vote for the stimulus legislation, which was instrumental to its passage, hastened his departure from the Republican Party.
Specter was also disappointed that Biden, who was only a few blocks away at Penn University, did not attend a pre-primary day rally at the Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park — a missed opportunity Specter attributes to a failed staff-to-staff request.

Just over a year before, Obama and Biden welcomed Specter to the Democratic Party with a press conference at the White House and promised him their full support.

Specter goes on to list slights by other top Democrats like Tom Harkin and Dianne Feinstein.

Plus, in case you were confused about whether Bob Dole completely sucks or not, he does.

Specter recounted a long conversation [with Bob Dole] at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center 18 months after the switch.

“Dole told me I had done the right thing, that I had done a terrific job as a senator, been involved in a lot of projects, been very active, and hadn’t gotten credit for a lot of the stuff I had done,” he wrote.

“I said, ‘Bob, I think that it’s very meaningful when you say that I did the right thing, in the party change.’

“He said, ‘Well,’ and then paused and thought for a few seconds. Then he said, ‘I probably would have done the same thing.’”