Arab Schwing! Sex With Dead Wives Green Lighted In Islamist Egypt

The Arab spring that Obama claims is hindering our economic recovery is already paying at least some dividends.  Egypt’s Islamist parliament has approved a measure that will allow Egyptian men to have sex with their wives up to 6 hours after the wife’s death.

Depending on how long the couple has been married, it may be difficult to tell the difference.

And by the way, women will no longer have the rights to an education or employment.  But they can be used as blow up dolls up to 6 hours after they’re dead, so there’s that to look forward to.

Not a backward, gutter society.  Not a backward, gutter society at all.

Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives – for up to six hours after their death.

The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament.

It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the ridding of women’s rights of getting education and employment.


The subject of a husband having sex with his dead wife arose in May 2011 when Moroccan cleric Zamzami Abdul Bari said marriage remains valid even after death.