Amnesty Loving GOP Rep Knight to Constituent: I’ll Drop Your Ass

California Republican Congressman Steve Knight apparently doesn’t like being challenged by the little people on his vote to fund failed President Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty.

Knight, who was one of 75 Republican turncoats who voted to fund Obama’s amnesty program through the Department of Homeland Security, threatened a constituent who dared to question the vote while shaking his hand, warning him “I’ll drop your ass.”

Even Politico knows this guy lied about his vote.

The California Republican mischaracterized his vote to the protesters, though in the past he has opposed the president’s executive action that granted de facto legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Yeah, Mike.  We know the game.  You oppose it right up until it’s time to take a vote, and then you don’t oppose it so much any more.  No one is really buying the establishment GOP’s bullshit that there’s nothing they can do anymore.  We gave you both houses of Congress and a lame-duck President, jackasses.  Excuse time is over.