AMC’s Mad Men Swipes At Mitt Romney’s Dad George

AMC’s drama Mad Men took a strange swipe at George Romney, likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s father, during Sunday night’s episode.

This season of Mad Men is set in 1965, while George Romney was serving as the Governor of Michigan.

Before winning multiple terms as Michigan’s Governor, Romney was a self-made automotive visionary who oversaw “[b]etween a fifth and a quarter of all U.S. wartime production” of machinery for World War II before leading American Motors from a stock price of $7 to one of $90, once being described as a “folk hero of the automotive industry.”

While Governor, he was a champion of the civil rights movement.

Some clown.

To be fair, I guess it’s possible that Mad Men will also be working in references to Barack Obama’s father, whose main claims to fame before getting liquored up and killing himself in a car wreck at age 46 were getting drunk and losing his legs in another car wreck,  getting drunk and traveling the world fathering children he’d take no responsibility for, and getting drunk and forgetting to divorce one woman before marrying the next.

The character slamming Romney as a “clown” is named Henry Francis, the director of public relations for New York governor Nelson Rockefeller. So, wow, Romney must really be a clown if that’s coming from a Republican character and not a Democrat.

Seems odd that such an outstanding show would throw a spell-breaking sucker punch at George Romney (and by extension our probable nominee) into the mix. Whatever the motivation — political, in-joke — the moment doesn’t seem necessary to the story and only serves as a jarring moment that takes you out of the episode.

Worse still, Republican fans of the show (and I am one) will now have to worry about more of this straight through to the end of the season.

This is typical of the leftist media.  They work by providing a steady drip of damaging misinformation about their opponents that they hope will work its way into the general consciousness.  Sarah Palin, remember, can see Russia from her house.