Allegheny College Holds Sex Seminar In Church

Allegheny College held a masturbation-focused sex seminar, featuring tips on how to best bring yourself and your partner to orgasm, in an on-campus church last night.

Lysol the pews.  That ain’t holy water.

The seminar was apparently dubbed “I Heart the Female Orgasm.”  Who doesn’t?  But in a church?

Tolerance? Respect?  Those things are for you to worry about, I’m greasing up my hand right now.

The chapel, built and dedicated in 1902, is where Catholic mass and non-denominational services are conducted every week at the private liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania.


The two sex educators, Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, talked students through a variety of masturbation techniques during the event.

“Sometimes it can be difficult finding your G spot by yourself, because it involves inserting a finger or fingers inside the vagina into the front wall of the body, and that kind of results in an awkward, kind of clawlike hand position,” Weinberg said, demonstrating with a pawing motion as the audience giggled. “Obviously, there are better ways you can position your body. Or if you’ve got a partner, you can get your partner to insert their finger or fingers inside your vagina in the front wall of your body in a sort of a J curve.”

Miller also weighed in, noting “some (women) find that if they change the angle or position, they can find some way of rubbing against their partner’s body, against the base of his penis or pubic bone, and with rubbing to have enough stimulation to orgasm in intercourse.”