After Driving Off Donors And Loyalists, Free Republic Owner Wants Truce

After months spent driving off any visitor who expressed any small amount of support for Mitt Romney, and seeing donations and traffic to the site plummet as a result, Free Republic owner Jim Robinson is now calling for a truce.

The site is currently holding one of its near-constant “Freep-A-Thon” donation drives, and seems unable to match the level of donations that would normally be attained during an election year.  Robinson had previously stated that he would ban any user who came to his site and supported Mitt Romney, as the site was for true conservatives and not “liberal progressives” like Romney.

Free Republic has done a lot for the conservative movement over the years, almost an immeasurable amount, but Robinson’s Romney freak out was over the top and counterproductive.   You simply can’t run a conservative web site that promises to do all it can to defeat the Republican nominee for President against Barack Obama.  Well, not a successful one, anyway.  Who’s your market at that point?

When you run / administer a web site, there’s a tendency to believe that you *are* the web site.  After all, you sat in your little house with your little idea and started it. You’re the one sitting there with the server and the scripts and the technical problems.  It’s very easy to forget, but the web site – especially one like Free Republic that is mostly users commenting – is the web site’s visitors.  Without the visitors, you might as well type your thoughts into Notepad and read them on your own computer.

Jim Robinson forgot this. And he paid the price.

Less than a month ago, this was Jim Robinson’s tone.

NO ROMNEY!!Those who cannot stomach rebellion might as well start looking for a new home on the net!!

Those who have ignored my hundreds of posts on this crucial issue or who have doubted me these last three or four years might as well get used to it. FR will never support the abortionist, homosexualist, socialist, mandate loving, constitution trampling liar Mitt Romney.


Karl Rove and Mitt Romney, et al, loathe conservatism and loathe the tea party and took it upon themselves to use their money and connections to destroy nearly every one of our conservative tea party candidates while pushing their big government RINOS. That makes them the enemy. I will not reward that betrayal by giving them my support or my vote.


I’d rather fight and die like a man than bend over and be screwed by a RINO!! I refuse to kiss Karl Rove or Mitt Romney’s rings!! They can kiss my rosy red ass instead!!

Now that there’s a little bit of trouble bringing in the moolah, though, it appears he’s not quite ready to “fight and die like a man” after all. “Might as well get used to it,” huh?

[Romney] still stubbornly holds on to some of his statist beliefs, like global warming, gays in the military, RomneyCare, stimulus spending, etc, so there is no way I can vote for him or join Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Newt or any others who are endorsing him. But I will not act on my prior promises that I would actively campaign against him if he wins the nomination. Our combined movement is already torn and splintered and is going to have to be mended if we’re going to have any impact whatsoever against the liberal/progressives and statists after the election. To that end I propose a TRUCE among our conservative forces during the remainder of this election cycle.

Bye, bye “principles.”  Hello, bank account.  Guess he looked at the moths in his wallet and decided bending over to be “screwed by a RINO” wasn’t so bad after all.

Look, if you need over $350,000 a year to run an all text web site, you’re doing something wrong in the first place.  Driving off your most loyal users by refusing to support the Republican who is running against Barack Obama isn’t helping.

One thought on “After Driving Off Donors And Loyalists, Free Republic Owner Wants Truce

  1. Righton says:

    You listed all the things Robinson doesn’t like about Romney, is his religion the elephant in the room?
    Thanks for pointing out Robinson’s willing to bend for bucks. Says a lot.

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