106.9 WWIQ Begins All Hannity Stunt Programming

Let not your heart be troubled, Philadelphia.  Brand new FM talker 106.9 has picked up the call letters WWIQ, and launched with around-the-clock broadcasts of Sean Hannity.

The station also launched the web site http://www.hannity1069.com, where they’ve announced that they are “All Hannity, All The Time.”

The end of the world? No, it’s just the beginning of All Sean Hannity, all the time.

Thanks to all the Philly-area radio professionals tuning in!

106.9 is currently playing R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of The World As We Know It” on a loop, in an apparent winking reference to former station owner and zealot Harold Camping, who regularly predicted the end of the world.  They are teasing an event at noon ET, which I’m guess is the beginning of “All Hannity” programming.

Rush Limbaugh is expected to join Philadelphia’s new and, no doubt, instantly dominant talk station sometime in the next few months, as soon as he can get a lifeboat from the sinking WPHT 1210 ship.

[Station Owner] Merlin [Media] has also dropped MAJOR hints on the branding of its new station. Domain registrations have been made for IQ1069.com and IQ1069FM.com. A matching Twitter account is live @IQ1069, but most importantly Merlin made a request for the WWIQ calls on March 19.


3 thoughts on “106.9 WWIQ Begins All Hannity Stunt Programming

  1. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    I can’t take Hannity’s “anything Republican is okay by me” sycophancy, but he does mean well. I look forward to this station growing once Limbaugh arrives & the sinking off the SS Smerconish on WPHT. He wanted conservatism off the airwaves there & it looks like he’s going to get his wish. The only thing which will save WPHT is The Phillies. Not for long though. They can be heard on WYSP 94.1 now as well as WPHT. WPHT is committing suicide with Smerconish & too blind to see it. It’s amazing how fast this station has slid downhill to irrelevancy. Bye Bye WPHT.

  2. Gail Shister says:

    For many years I covered broadcasting for The Philadelphia Inquirer. It is about time that a major broadcaster such as CBS ( AM 610, 1060, and 1210) does not dominate information radio in Delaware Valley. It kisses its advertisers ass and distorts many true news events. All CBS does all day is cross=promote itself. If Merlin only has one station in this market, it deserves a chance to really be independent. My friend, Larry Mendte tells me he will be part of WWIQ talent. Smerconish, Giordano, R J McQue and Stigall have an ego problem. and need competition ASAP!!

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